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The Missouri Assembly

Restoring Lawful Government

American State National

  • Natural, unalienable rights endowed by our Creator

  • Self-governing man or woman on the land and soil

  • Afforded American common law that is guaranteed by the Constitution and not subject to corporate statutes and codes

  • Does not pay Federal Income Taxes unless you are government employee

United States Citizen

  • Civil rights (privileges) granted by the government

  • Classified as a franchise/dependent of the government

  • Subject to tens of thousands of corporate statutes and codes

  • Required to pay Federal Income Taxes as a government franchise

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to Work

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Mission Statement
Our Missouri General Assembly is dedicated to the restoration of the complete and fully operational Land and Soil Jurisdiction state and county court system serving the people of Missouri, the preservation of the National Trust, the enforcement of the Public Law, the upholding of the Federal Constitution owed to our state and people, the re-population of our Land and Soil Jurisdiction, the filling of vacated public offices and the reclamation of our material and intellectual public and private assets. To these ends, we the living people of Missouri have called the eligible Missouri Nationals and Electors to assemble an to serve as jurors and officers. We have established the process and procedures to qualify jurors and other competent state citizenship and public office. We do this peacefully and without rancor in the exercise of our unincorporated powers and capacities.

The United States government is a for-profit corporation, 28 U.S. Code §3002 (15), that circumvents the Constitution by deliberately misidentifying the people as United States citizens, corporate franchises. The rightful political status of those born or naturalized in one of the several states is American State National, but the people have been kept ignorant of this fact until now.

Once you understand the difference, you will realize the importance of correcting your political status, joining your state assembly and helping to restore the Federal Republic. We the people need your participation. 


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