1. Does this information only apply to Missouri

  2. How long once I've/we've completed the 1 page process with Public notarial seal can I expect to be considered a State National or State citizen?;

    • Once you record your one-page declaration, you are declared American State National and recognized as such by your state assembly; The Municipal and Territorial governments will still presume that you are a U.S. Citizen, corporate franchise and subject to their codes and statutes; To rebut their claims and uphold your rights, you should complete your 928 documents, record them on the Recorder of the Deeds in your county (which gives public notice) and send the notice letters as outlined in the steps here. ; 

  3. Who would be the contact for the notary services within the assembly?; 

    • Any of our recording secretaries can provide notary services for certain documents; other documents need to be notarized by their notaries; Recent changes in assembly structure have rendered Missouri with only one remaining Recording Secretary for the Missouri state, but more are being trained; It takes time, so please be patient; You may contact Lisa on her e-mail: recorder2@missouriassembly.org

  4. Is it recommended to do the 928 process as opposed to the 1 pager, or, are they equally effective?

    • Wee recommend you start with the one-pager, but do both; The 928 package provides a more thorough articulation of your comprehension of the fraud and what facts you are correcting, as well as, the specific physical assets you are laying your claim to; The 928 package must be recorded at your county ‘Recorder of Deeds’ office, then published into the Land Recording System (LRS); There is also the option of adding extensions to pre-recorded records, with your county recorder, which makes it possible to do updates, whenever needed, and link them to your previous recording file; You can also put documents, regardless of size, into the LRS for $25 per publishing; Both jurisdictions should be kept up to date until our lawful government has been recognized, and our Land Recording System honored;

  5. What are the costs associated with recording our documents?; Obtaining a credential card, and obtaining vehicle tags?​;

    • Publishing is $25 per publishing – paid into the LRS

    • Credential Cards are $35 per card – paid into the LRS (after 1st publishing)

    • Automobile tags vary depending on who you order them from. There are a few American Nationals out there providing this service; Ask your coordinator for details; 

  6. Can I cancel my driver's license and remove the STATE OF MISSOURI plates from my car?;

    • You can but we recommend you learn how to live on the Land and Soil and how to speak with an officer to affirm the right to travel unimpeded and possibly rebut a court case before you exhibit and fly with National tags; It is far better to just stay out of their courts than to do battle with them; 

    • It is recommended that you acquire your credential card, but also continue to maintain your STATE OF STATE driver’s license for the time being; There are templates of Sovereignty made and available ion demand that address these issues; Once you have recorded and published your One-Page Declaration of the Naturalization Act of 1779 - a-fix a piece of tape or a label over the bar code on the back of your driver’s license and write the following on it:

Retired, not for hire

by: your autograph©

All Rights Reserved without prejudice.​

Our state assemblies have only come into session during the past 2 years. We have not yet received widespread recognition and acceptance of our private travel placards; So, we encourage you to display your private plates in your back window, as a notice to LEO’s, while maintaining your corporate plates in place during this transitional period;


   7.  Who can serve as my witnesses on my ‘Witness Affirmations?;

              Anyone that has known you for seven years, and will testify to you being the man or woman you claim to be, can be family, friends, co-                          workers, barbers, etc.; 

   8.  I was born in another state but live in Missouri, which Assembly do I join?;

              You join the Assembly where you currently live; I was actually born on Missouri but if I had been born in California, then moved here later in                 life, I would still join the Missouri Assembly, because that is where my home is established now;

   9. Can someone help me with the 928 documents?;

               You may email your coordinator at Missouri-coordinator@mail.americanstatenationals.us, or recorder2@missouriassembly.org and let them know you are wanting assistance; You may also be introduced to a Missouri State National in your area who has completed their paperwork who will help answer your questions; We also have a 928 workshop in Kansas City offered every third Saturday of the month; See the events page for more information;

~If you need further assistance to complete the process and wish to pay for services, the contacts below have small private businesses assisting Americans with political status correction:


               Evangeline - her website is mystatusselect.com,

               Max Taylor's email is maxetaylorjr@me.com. Max will send you a short questionnaire then build all the forms and notices for you for a                         small donation;

               Our recommendation is that you do your paperwork yourself, and study it as you go, so you REALLY learn and know what you are declaring;

​    10.  What is the difference between an American State National and an American State Citizen?;

American State Nationals - Have declared their true and correct American birthright political status, but may be living as ‘duel’ citizens,              holding federal jobs, or, may be otherwise dependent on the ‘incorporated’ governmental services providers, sub-contractors, such as                welfare or food stamps; They are not able yet to move out of the need for assistance, therefore they cannot completely severe their          contractual agreements; They may have done a one-pager, but not completed the 928 package, or sent pertinent notices; They cannot elect officers, or attend the Assembly ‘business and administrative’ meetings;