Step Two: Long form 928 Package

The easiest and best way to fill out your 928 documents is using the autodoc feature in our Land Recording System (LRS). It will ask for some information from you, then it will fill in all your documents for you. Visit and login to your account. If you haven't already set up an account in the LRS, you can find instructions here. Templates are also provided below if needed. 

Instructions from Anna Von Reitz (Excerpt taken from

This is the basic package everyone needs to fill out and record with the local land recording office to reclaim their birthright political status and reclaim their Good Names and Estates. Please note: do not register anything. Only record. If your local land recording district or county land recording office won't record your paperwork, look for a county that will. Often it is only a matter of traveling a few miles or sending it through the mail.

This process brings forward the Trade Name and "finds" it again, and then allows us to reclaim our "reversionary trust interest" in all the derivative NAMES free and clear. 

The Deed of Reconveyance seizes upon the Trade Name and brings it back to the land and soil jurisdiction.


The Certificate of Assumed Name seizes upon the derivative NAMES and returns them to control of the living man.


The Act of Expatriation explicitly renounces Territorial and Municipal "citizenship" and returns the derivative NAMES and ACCOUNTS to the land and soil.  


The Baby Deed of Land Recording is to help new parents and put an end to the "salvaging" of American babies by these corporate vermin. Simply have a Third Party -- grandparent, uncle, family friend--- do the notarization and record the Baby Deed as another Extension of the Father's Deed of Re-Conveyance. If the Father refuses to claim his Trade Name and Estate, or is dead or disabled, the Baby Deed can be attached to the Mother's Deed of Re-Conveyance.  (Please Note: This Deed is for any children that you have - not for you as a People.) 

To Begin - First Chart Your Paperwork Path, then access the needed forms and templates below.

If you would like to further your comprehension of the purpose for completing this 928 bundle, to learn how each document will benefit you, see the link below. It is a great idea to print it out and have it handy, as you prepare your documents and/or review them after printing.  

Purpose of the 928's

Deed of Re-Conveyance (Born in America)

Deed of Conveyance (Not Born in America).

Certificate of Assumed Name

Act of Expatriation John Doe. (Sign your name to match as it appears on each form). 

Cancel Power of Attorney

Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act

Paramount Claim

Marriage Paperwork (Option 1, Spouse signs)

Marriage Paperwork (Option 2, w/o spouse)

Baby Deed (For offspring of all ages)

Military Letter

Recording Cover Sheet

Diagram of the Fraud (Optional)

Fee Schedule (Optional)