Step One: Becoming a State National

The easiest way to complete your paperwork is to first visit America and set up an account in our very own Land Recording System or LRS. Follow the instructions on the home page for both account setup and to pay $25 for your first publishing. You may also download the instructions by clicking here.


You will meet with one of our recording secretaries at a later date, but will need to have paid for the publishing in advance, so if you don't do it now, don't forget to complete this step prior to scheduling your appointment.

Once you've got your account setup, you'll have access to something called autodocs. Autodocs is the recommended way to fill in your paperwork. It will make the job smooth and easy, and will eliminate room for error. Form templates are also provided below if needed.


The following information tells you what documents to complete first and everything you will need to successfully complete this step.

One Page Declaration
There are three slightly different Declaration Documents to choose from and everyone has to choose one. For more information about why you're completing this form, click here
Choose the correct one below, click the button to open the blank pdf or editable Word Document template that includes instructions for how to fill in each field. Print 3 copies. If completing by hand, you may fill them out using blue ink. Wait to sign them until you are in front of a Land and Soil recording secretary. 

For Most Americans

For Naturalized Immigrants

For Federal Employees

Witness Testimonies

You are going to find 2 witnesses that have known you for at least 7 years. They will provide the proof that you are, who you say you are. You will need 2 copies of a recent passport photo, taken in the last 6 months. (Walgreens, CVS and the UPS Store are just a few of the known places you can walk in and get a passport photo). 

Print the witness affirmation form TWICE, as you will need one for each of the 2 witnesses. This form may be filled out in blue ink. Once you've filled out both forms with your information, and attached your photo, you will have 2 choices for how to get these witnessed.

1.  You will give or mail the form to your witness. They will fill in their part and take it to a public notary to sign in front of them. Then they will give or mail the form back to you. (Can work even if your witness is not local).

2.  You will bring your witnesses with you, and have the form completed with the exception of their signature. They will sign in front of the recording secretary. 


Everyone Completes This


Birth Certificate

In order to prove your birth in America, you will need either an original birth certificate, a lineage tree or a recording in a family bible. You will also need a red and blue pen AND a red thumbprint stamp. 

Link to Order Missing Birth



Red Fingerprint Pad

Now that you have all your documents ready: Find a recording secretary in your area, from the list below. Scan OR take a picture with your phone of ALL the completed documents from the list above.  Email them to your recording secretary. 


The 2 witness affirmation forms should be completed, signed and notarized, UNLESS you are bringing your witnesses with you, to the recording and wish to have the recording secretary notarize them. In that case, please communicate this in your email and still include the completed forms. Your witnesses will sign them in front of the recording secretary. The recording secretary will review your documents prior to your appointment. If they are incomplete or incorrect, you may be asked to make changes, re-submit forms and reschedule your appointment. Please review these instructions and review your documents carefully before sending, to avoid delay.  

Be sure you've paid $25 for the publishing at prior to requesting an appointment. If you haven't already set up an account in the LRS, you can find Instructions here.

Kansas City Area  - Lisa Lasker          

Saint Louis Area - Stephen Chedester

Now you're ready to book an appointment with the recording secretary.